The Devil’s Concubine *Discontinued*

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The Devil’s Concubine is an orange leaning red linear holo polish.

Character:  Lucy Westenra

Color Inspiration:  Lucy starts out “innocent” enough.  But she quickly falls victim to Prince Vlad.  Lucy is portrayed as a bit of a free spirit, her gowns are more revealing and edgy for the time.  Once she begins to change into a vampire her gowns change as well becoming mostly, vibrant orange.

Name Inspiration:  Dracula is seen as the Devil and she is a wanton follower.  She falls victim easily and irrevocably.

Swatches thanks to Sharon of Finger Nail Freak and Christine of Serenity Nails,Tara of Loki’s Lacquer and Haylee of Dry Dammit Nails

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