The Blood Is The Life *Discontinued*


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The Blood Is The Life has slight duochrome effect polish.  It has a dark red base with a red/gold pigment.  The shift in this polish is only slight, but the pigment gave the polish that perfect blood feel that I was looking for.

Color Inspiration: The main focus of any vampire story, but here it’s more a necessity to allow Prince Vlad to be with Mina, she is his lost princess reborn. The red is drawn from the battle armor Vlad wears, from his long cloak, from the gown Mina wears when she dines with the count, and finally from the blood he requires to remain “alive.” At its most basic level this is a love story and red is the color of love.

Name Inspiration: For Dracula blood is life and for any of his followers as well.

Swatches thanks to Sharon of Finger Nail Freak and Christine of Serenity Nails,Tara of Loki’s Lacquer and Haylee of Dry Dammit Nails

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