Solar Ray Quick Dry Top Coat

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Solar Ray is a Quick Dry Top Coat which is Super shiny. Great for creme or holo polish

Taken from the above blog post

“Celestials Solar Ray Quick Dry Top Coat. If you ever see swatches of mine that are holographic, duo/multichromes, or basic cremes, this is the top coat I always use for these polishes. I love this top coat for polishes like this because it’s nice and thin. I have no time to wrestle with gloopiness or topcoats that might hide the holo or subdue the multichrome. Solar Ray is perfect for the job. It will not shrink your manicure which, to be honest, is one of my absolute pet peeves. It adds brilliant shine to your polish and makes it last longer. For manis I plan to wear for a while I use two coats of Solar Ray, making sure to wrap the free edge and I always get a few good days out of my polish. Dry time is pretty standard for a five free top coat, in fact it’s better than standard as it’s not so thick. Basically, it’s an excellent polish to add to your next Celestial order to help keep those holos in tip top shape and not cloud up your chromes.”

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