God’s Madmen *Discontinued*


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God’s Madmen is a metallic grey polish with gold flakes and gold holo microglitter.

Characters: Jonathon Harker, Dr. Jack Seward, Quincy P. Morris, Lord Arthur Holmwood, Professor Abraham Van Helsing

Color Inspiration: Represents the men who go after the Count.  They are all dressed in fairly muted colors, grey black, brown, a bit of reddish brown and some gold in Prof. Van Helsing’s vests.  This covers all of the main male characters who play integral rolls and they all wear grey at some point.

Name Inspiration:  They have traveled to Transylvania and made it all the way to the doors of the castle where Quincy is stabbed.  As Quincy lay dying Van Helsing observes “We’ve all become God’s madmen,” in reference to them chasing Dracula with the need to “stamp him out utterly.”

Swatches thanks to Sharon of Finger Nail Freak and Christine of Serenity Nails,Tara of Loki’s Lacquer and Haylee of Dry Dammit Nails

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