Burner & Wax Gift Pack #4


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This gift pack includes one wooden look burner, two clamshells in your choice of our current scents (see below for list), and one tealight candle to get your wax melting off to a good start.

This wooden oil burner comes in three pieces. Made from sustainable bamboo, this is quite a gorgeous, natural looking piece. The ceramic bowl is quite deep allowing for a lot of liquid and maximum scent throw while the ceramic tealight holder prevents damage to the wood.
Dimensions of burner approximate:
Height: 11cm (wood base)
Height: 14cm (to top of bowl)
Width: 10cm
Depth: 11.8cm
Bowl Diameter: 11cm
Bowl Depth: 4.6cm

Fragrance Options (please write your choices as a note in your order)

SUBLIME– Imagine yourself relaxing in the shade by the ocean with this fresh, tart fragrance. With topnotes of zesty lime and basenotes of sweet creamy coconut milk you’ll be in tropical heaven.
RAPTURE– A powerful blend of warming amber, patchouli and Madagascar vanilla. Exotically muddled with alluring rose and jasmine, followed through with light blood orange, this scent is a mystical journey for those wanting to dazzle their senses.
PARADISE– A melodious blend of tropical notes to incite a fresh and fruity appeal. Lush mandarin, lime, tangerine begin your odyssey followed by watermelon, tart fresh apples and sweet honeydew melon with a hint of coconut for refreshing depth.
ALLURE– Lose yourself in the bewitching aroma of fresh and sensual orchid followed by the smooth, luxurious undertones of chocolate.
SILKY– Warm, sweet and smooth with the scent of vanilla marshmallows lightly toasted by the fire. An nostalgic and fluffy aroma that warms your senses.
PASSION– Notes of sweet red berries, mandarin oranges and hints of grapefruit with a splash of sweet mimosa, dew fruit and jasmine. A warm, inviting scent that fills your room with ease.
BIRTHDAY BLISS– Limited Edition. Yummy chocolate and buttercream with warm notes of amaretto & corn syrup blended with base notes of vanilla sugar, dark cocoa, malt and espresso powder. This is a powerful scent and would be loved by both chocolate and coffee lovers together.
CRIMSON VELVETEEN– A mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked Red Velvet Cake with topnotes of dark chocolate, red currant and strawberry syrup, and middle notes of cocoa, sugar cane and buttermilk. Basenotes that follow include creamy sandalwood, smooth vanilla and Tonka bean.

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