Anti-Matter – Matte Top Coat

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Anti-Matter is a Matte Top Coat

Taken from the above blog post “Celestial Cosmetics Anti-Matter Matte Top Coat. This is now the ONLY matte top coat I use. I’ve tried quite a few and always found them to have one or all of the following characteristics…. A ‘streaky’ appearance, super gloopy, too matte, not matte enough, and little gritty bits that appear when dry. Anti-Matter does none of those things! The consistency is perfect and it leaves the perfect matte look with just one thin coat. This top coat is thicker than the regular high shine top coat so this means I can use it for my favourite job, applying over jelly glitters. Dry time for this one requires a little more patience, but for the optimum results I’m happy to wait it out. Whenever I mention the use of matte top coat, Anti-Matter is what I’m using right now!”

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