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July Newsletter

July Newsletter

I know I am a bit early this month, but I couldn’t wait any longer to bring the next collection to you.  For July we found inspiration from Game of Thrones and I just love what we came up with. Get ready for a long post, as we have 10 polishes in the collection, plus the monthly LE polish and a few extras for the store.  So let’s get to it.

Iron Throne Collection


Breaker of Chains

A medium blue creme


A plum red creme

Dark Wings, Dark Words

A spearmint green creme

The Night Lands

A coffee brown creme

A Golden Crown

A mustard yellow creme

The cremes will be sold individually for $9 each

Iron Throne Creme Collection

The full creme collection will be available at a 10% discount for one week only,  retailing at $40.50

You can find a review of the cremes with the link below:


You Win Or You Die

A bright blue linear holo

Garden of Bones

A mushroom brown linear holo

Dance With Dragons LE

A deep green leaning towards the teal side of the spectrum.  A beautiful linear holo.  This is only available in very limited quantities

Fire & Blood

A pinky red linear holo

Kings Road LE

A lime green linear holo.  Only available in very limited quantities

Iron Throne Holo Collection

The full set of holos will be available at a 10% discount for one week only or until sold out.  Due to including the 2 LE’s there will only be 6 sets available.  Retailing for $54.00

Full Iron Throne Collection

The full collection will retail for $94.50 (10% discount) for the first week or sold out.  There will only be 6 sets available due to including the 2 LE’s

You can find a review of the holos below

July LE 2015

Our take on the Ruby birthstone for July, we have a red based scattered holo with silver and red holo microglitter.  This will retail for $12

You can find a review below:

We are also introducing some more products to the store.


First we have two types of stampers, with squishy but first stamper heads.  These will retail for $5 each.

Gentle Kiss Cuticle Oil

The next item we are introducing is a new cuticle oil.  We have stayed with the same winning formula, but are introducing new scents and a new applicator.  Gentle Kiss cuticle oil will be available in a wand brush applicator.  Available in:  Unscented, Fairy Floss, Carrot Cake, Coconut & Lime and Vanilla.  These will retail for $5 each

Celestial’s Stars

Have you joined our Facebook Group yet?  You can find us here.

If you are a member you will know about our group exclusive shade which will be available tomorrow.  We have a gorgeous purple linear holo with a silver shimmer.  But you can only get your hands on this beauty if you are in the group.  So come and join us, we don’t bite, I promise.  All orders must include your FB name if different from your paypal name.  Any orders from customers not in the Stars FB group will be refunded.

All products will be available on Friday 26th June at 3pm (ACST)

Happy shopping
Nicki xx

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June Release

June Newsletter

First, I would like to thank all our valued customers for your support.  We are always blown away by how much you love our creations.

Tomorrow we head into June, so that means we have our new collection. So let’s get to it.

This month we have the Cinders Collection.  We have taken inspiration from the fairy tale Cinderella, and some of the unloved characters.



Inspired by the evil stepmother, this polish is dark grey with silver shimmer, purple shredded glitter, periwinkle and red holo micro glitter.
Retail price $10


Inspired by the green dress wore by Drizella. This polish is a candy green with added shimmer, splash of holo and emerald micro glitter.


Inspired by Bruno, Cinderella’s trusty dog, who was later turned into the Footman.  This polish has a golden brown base with gold shimmer and green/gold flakies.
Retail price $10


This beauty is a purple holo with a strong rainbow effect and pink and indigo flakies. This inspiration was a bit of a mix, thinking of Cinderella and the hot embers and soot she would have to clean up.
Retail price $12


Inspired by the Fairy Godmother, we have a lilac polish, which has a very soft holo.  A lovely colour in the shade, but when the sun hits you get a lovely sparkle.

Then we have our monthly LE polish. 

June LE is inspired by the June birthstone, Alexandrite.  This polish is red based with duochrome shimmer that moves purple-blue with a splash of holo and shifting microglitter.  This polish is limited and is only available till stock runs out.
Retail price $12

Thanks for taking the time to read and we know you will love these polishes as much as we do.


P.S. We have plenty of blog reviews for you to look at.  Links below:

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May Release


I am not sure if you will agree with me, but where is this year going to.  Tomorrow we are in May already.  It will be christmas again before you know it.

First up, we have the May LE.  Based on the birthstone for this month, the lovely Emerald.  We have a deep green scattered holographic polish with gold flakies.  Here she is in all her glory swatched by Tara of Loki’s Lacquer.  Here is a blog post from the lovely Christine at Serenity Nails

Next up we have worked on a collaboration with Tara of Loki’s Lacquer (who is a marvel fan) to come up with the next collection.  As most of you know, the new movie, The Avengers, Age of Ultron was recently released and we thought this was the perfect time to release this collection.  Each polish takes inspiration from one of the Avengers characters in the movie.  So lets get to the polish.


A red base polish, with a slight gold duochrome effect and packed full of holo gold micro glitter.  Inspiration taken from Iron Man


A light grey crelly with silver shimmer and added navy, blue and silver glitters in different sizes. Inspired by Quicksilver


Inspired by Hawkeye, this polish is a blackened purple linear holographic polish


Inspired by Ultron, this is a silver pearl polish with a slight red shimmer


A black jelly full of red holo glitter, this shade was inspired by the character Black Widow


This one is pretty obvious that it’s based on the Hulk. An acid green creme


Captain America inspired this gorgeous bright blue linear holographic. The rainbow is not as strong on this one, but it’s still there


This beauty can be worn as a glitter bomb or a topper.  Jam packed with blue, red and silver glitters in varying sizes in a clear base, this shade was inspired by Thor


This Loki inspired green holo with gold dots and gold flakies is a free gift when the full Avenge the Earth collection is purchased

The full collection is available at a discounted price of $76.50 for the first week and then $85 thereafter.

All shades will be available at 3pm ACST 1 May.

All swatches shown are thanks to Christine of Serenity Nails and Tara of Loki’s Lacquer.  See the below blog post if you would like more information.

Chat soon

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Time to Party!!

Where is this year going?  By the time most of you read this we will officially be in April 2015.  Three months have just disappeared before my eyes.

25th April 2015 Celestial turns 2.  First we want to thank you all for your continued support over the past two years, and we want to celebrate.

We have created “Celebrate With Nyxto help us.  This beautiful teal/aqua linear holo will only be available from our shop, and at a discounted price of $9 for the month of April onlyl

We will be running a giveaway on both instagram and our Facebook page, along with other specials throughout the month, so keep your eyes peeled.

FYI, I will no longer be taking requests for custom polishes until further notice.  I recently started a Bachelor of Business degree, and to say the least, studying is kicking my butt. I will let everyone know once I am in a routine and back to making those one off polishes again.

Lets get to the April releases now.


A soy based polish remover.  Just brush it on, wait a few minutes and then remove.  Easy.  Available in a 12ml bottle for $4.50


A liquid latex product that you paint around your cuticles to aid with nail art clean up.  Available in a 8ml bottle for $5.50

April 2015 LE

Based on the April birthstone, the diamond, this silver holo micro glitter bomb will feel like you are wearing diamonds on your nails.


We have 6 stunning and varied polishes in this collection


A raspberry coloured scattered holo


A bronze scattered holo filled with bronze, copper and gold flakies.


A blue jelly base filled with various size and shaped glitter in turquoise, silver and periwinkle. We held a competition in our fan group to name this polish and the lovely Laura won chosing this name


Is a dark blue duochrome with silver flakies and colour changing micro glitter


A purple based jelly polish filled with periwinkle, lilac and aqua glitter in various sizes and shapes, along with orange holo hex. This has been added to our range to keep with a theme which we started with our very first creation.  Celestial Night was our first ever creation, followed by Celestial Sphere for our 1st birthday, and now the Enchanter


A green jelly based with a stunning duochrome shimmer and micro colour changing glitter

As usual, all of the polishes, Camo Coat and No Sweat remover will be available as a set with a 10% discount.  But only for the first 7 days.

Till next time.
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March 2015

March 2015
Heading Into Autumn!!

Firstly, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for making the launch of our new website such a great success.  We are so thankful to have you all as our amazing customers.

You may have noticed that we are now on schedule to release a set / collection of polishes on the 1st of each month along with our monthly LE polish.  And this month is no different.

We have changed things up a bit this month and shock horror, there is only one linear holo.  We have introduced a few different finishes this month, so there should be something for everyone’s tastes.  So lets get to the polishes.


March LE is a dusty pastel olive green, scattered holographic polish with red holo microglitter.  Loosely based on the March birthstone, Bloodstone

BLOOD MOON RISINGBlood Moon Rising is an eggplant purple with red wine tones and strong linear holographic effect.

This is the older, darker brother of Callisto

England’s Rose is a deep crimson polish with blue and pink flakies as well as a splash of scattered holo

This complex polish was created in honour of my late mother, Rose


Betelguese is a multichrome polish which has an olive green base with a blue-purple shift and green-gold shifting microglitter. Another complex polish for this release.


Garnet Star runs along the same lines as our discontinued Mother Of Dragons. A red based duochrome that shifts from gold-red-orange-pink with added tiny speckles of shifting microglitter

Angelic Astra is a  crelly style blue-toned dark purple crème with an amazing shine.

SUN SPOTSSun Spots is a bright yellow crelly style crème, not a neon, but close, very vibrant and bright


Vega Sparks has a shimmery base and is packed with lavender and gold flakies.

WINGS OF NAVIWings Of Navi has a bright blue  jelly base with matte white, turquoise and navy glitters as well as a metallic blue shimmer.

If you don’t like Visible Nail Line (VNL) then this would be best worn over a base colour.


The entire set is available at 10% discount for 7 days only or until sold out.  Limited sets available.  So don’t miss out.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for our featured products on the website for possible specials throughout the month.

Once again, thank you for all your amazing support over the last 2 years.  Yes, Celestial turns 2 in April, so we have some special things planned for you.

Nicki xx

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WOOHOO!!!! First Celestial Cosmetics Newsletter


I have been waiting patiently and working hard to bring you a lot of new things for Celestial Cosmetics.  2015 is going to be a great year full of celebrations.

2014 was a hard year for me.  I suffered a back injury and had out of control diabetes. It was the reason why I didn’t do much for Celestial.  After many doctors and specialist appointments through out the year, I finally had Gastric Sleeve surgery on 29 October.  I am currently in what the doctors call “diabetes limbo” (no longer diabetic, but not normal yet either).  The hope is with my next test in March I should be diabetes free. On the plus side, I have also lost a lot of weight.  During my recovery, after the surgery, my son and I spent a lot of time re-branding Celestial Cosmetics.

Firstly, we now have an amazing new logo, which incorporates Nyx, the fairy, who will be leading us in a new direction in the coming months.


Secondly, I would like to introduce you to the all new Celestial Cosmetics website and store. AND, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

The store will launch on 1 February at 3pm (ACDT)

I want to give a HUGE thank you to my amazing son, who has spent a LOT of time (months) working on getting this site ready for me.

More good news!!! I know it just keeps coming!!! Shipping now works.  No more paying extra and waiting patiently for me to refund the excess.  First time, it will be right. You will also have the choice of paying for standard shipping or the added extra for tracking.

And more!!!We didn’t have a boxing day,  New Years or any sale over the festive season, so to start the celebrations we will have 20% discount on all our products in the shop. The sale will run till Sunday 8 February.  Coupon code to enter on checkout is NYX20.

Next up we have our new shades which will be released along with the opening of the store, so lets get to them.

Argent – a new sparkly silver stamping polish. We have also added mini (8ml) options for all our stamping polishes, and you will also be able to buy them in sets.


Chandra – a stunning aqua creme, opaque in two coats


February LE – a vibrant blurple scattered holo.


Heart of Asta – a bright pastel pink crème polish


Red Dwarf – a red toned purple linear holographic polish with stunning blue sparks


Sea of Tranquility – a dusky, baby blue linear holographic polish


Serpent Sea – a pastel green linear holographic polish with golden tones


Telesto – a  stunning silver polish with gentle linear holo and purple fleck        celestial-cosmetics-telesto-3

Zodiac Light – a duochrome linear holo. The shift moves from warm pink-purple-blue-grey


All swatches are thanks to the amazing Christine from Serenity Nails.  Blog posts can be found here and here

Please take the time to read our policies and create an account which will make future checkout a lot easier.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and keep an eye out for future newsletters.