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September 2016 Newsletter


Hi Again

It is almost time for Halloween, one of my favourite times of year next to Christmas, I just wish they celebrated it where we live. But since they don’t, I try to bring my love out in the polishes we have this year.

We have 2 trio’s this year, and both will be available at 9am ACST 25 September 2016.

I am going to start with the first one which is a collaboration with our Social Media Manager Jacq. She is a big fan of the Penny Dreadful TV series, so we took inspiration from Miss Ives Costumes.  Let’s get to The Curse of Miss Ives trio.  This collection will be available for at least a few months.


Séance is a dark magenta linear holo with a gold shimmer. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

Demimonde is a medium grey linear holo.  Simple but effective. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

Little Scorpion is a black based scattered holo with silver flake and black holo micro glitter. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd.

Next up we have:


This trio came about in the Star’s group.  I asked for inspiration pictures and then got a group of friends to vote on their top 3.  The most votes created the trio, but in a way also created the names of each polish.  I have called it the Halloween Story because the 3 names create a sort of short story.  This collection is Limited to the stock that is in store and will not be restocked.

Sinister Squashling is a neon orange jelly, with a gold overlay, colour shifting sparks and black holo microglitter. Retail price $10 aud / $9 usd

Chases The Fairy is a neon green jelly with black shreds glitter.  Retail price $10 aud / $9 usd

Into The Blood Woods is a teal based jelly with cherry microglitter and rose gold flakes.  Retail price $10 aud / $9 usd

Both trio’s will be discounted by 10% for the first 48 hours only.

September LE 2016 (Morning Glory)

September LE is my take on the Morning Glory. We have had a lot of blue and purple this year, so I looked more at the centre of the flower (inspiration photo added below) for this one.  I used a bright magenta pink for the holo base and added Purple Blue micro flakes along with Indigo Flakes.
Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

Swatches used about are thanks to Christine from “Cured by Chris”  and Sharon from “Finger Nail Freak”.

I have added a few blog posts below for your reading pleasure:

If you are a fan of sample sales and extremely Limited Edition polishes, then you need to join our Stars Fan Group to find out more information in the coming weeks.  Link below:

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