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August Newsletter


Before we get to this beautiful collection, I want to give you some awesome news. August is my birthday, and I just love to Celebrate.  So along with a gorgeous collaboration collection I am offering a 20% discount on everything in store for one week only.  Enter Coupon Code celebrate20 on checkout.

Every year for my birthday I do a collaboration collection and this year is no different.  I worked with a dear friend this year, Maria Taylor, and her ideas where amazing.  This collection is based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Get ready for some heavy reading.

The entire “Love Never Dies” collection was inspired by the costumes from the 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula. When Francis Ford Coppola brought Eiko Ishioka (the costume designer) on he explained that “the costumes were the sets.”  So everything that is an actual set sort of pales in comparison to the costumes.  That’s why the characters have such specific colors associated with them.  Based on that fact I chose a few specific images for each character/group of characters and worked from there.

Oceans Of Time is a darker blue based polish with silver shimmer and silver flakes . Retail price $10 aud / $9 usd

Based on the character, Dracula, the colour inspiration was the blue lenses of his pince-nez that he wears in London.  A blue that’s so vivid you are almost mesmerised by it when he turns and sees Mina on the street and urges her to “see me, see me now.”  The name was taken from the line he says to Mina once he finally finds her in London, believing she’s his long lost love, Elisabeta. “I have crossed oceans of time to find you.”

Mina is a light minty green based holo polish, with white sparks. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

Based on the character, Wilhelmina Murray, the colour inspiration was taken from her many costumes which fall into the lighter green colour range. She is seen as innocent, she’s a school teacher waiting to marry her beau, but she falls desperately for Vlad.  He sees Elisabeta in her, his lost princess, and she was also dressed in green.

The Devil’s Concubine is an orange leaning red linear. Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd.

Based on the character, Lucy Westenra, the colour inspiration is when Lucy starts out “innocent” enough.  But she quickly falls victim to Prince Vlad.  Lucy is portrayed as a bit of a free spirit, her gowns are more revealing and edgy for the time.  Once she begins to change into a vampire her gowns change as well becoming mostly, vibrant orange. The name inspiration comes from when Dracula is seen as the Devil and she is a wanton follower.  She falls victim easily and irrevocably.

God’s Madmen is a metallic grey polish with gold flakes and gold holo microglitter. Retail price $10 aud / $9 usd

Based on the characters, Jonathon Harker, Dr. Jack Seward, Quincy P. Morris, Lord Arthur Holmwood, Professor Abraham Van Helsing, the colour represents the men who go after the Count.  They are all dressed in fairly muted colours, grey black, brown, a bit of reddish brown and some gold in Prof. Van Helsing’s vests.  This covers all of the main male characters who play integral rolls and they all wear grey at some point.
Name Inspiration is from when they have traveled to Transylvania and made it all the way to the doors of the castle where Quincy is stabbed.  As Quincy lay dying Van Helsing observes “We’ve all become God’s madmen,” in reference to them chasing Dracula with the need to “stamp him out utterly.”

The Brides is a darker goldish coloured polish with green gold shifting flakes and a green shimmer.  Retail price $10 aud / $9 usd

Based on the characters,  The Brides of Dracula, the colour Inspiration was their costumes are described in one of the books as originally being white but they wanted them to look as though they had aged to a rich amber colour.  They are, in fact, hundreds of years old and fabric ages just as other materials do. The added flakes reflect the colours of their jewellry and the slight green shift reflects that they are indeed “devil women of the pit.”

The Blood Is The Life is a slight duochrome effect polish.  It has a dark red base with a red/gold pigment.  The shift in this polish is only slight, but the pigment gave the polish that perfect blood feel that I was looking for.  Retail price $11 aud / $10 usd

The colour inspiration behind this polish is the main focus of any vampire story, but here it’s more a necessity to allow Prince Vlad to be with Mina, she is his lost princess reborn. The red is drawn from the battle armour Vlad wears, from his long cloak, from the gown Mina wears when she dines with the count, and finally from the blood he requires to remain “alive.” At its most basic level this is a love story and red is the colour of love. The name inspiration came from where, for Dracula blood is life and for any of his followers as well.

Now, let’s not forget out monthly LE for August.

August LE 2016 (Gladiolus)

August LE is my take on the Gladiolus.  The photo used as inspiration was voted on by the group and I have added it below.  This was a hard polish for me to describe.  It has a holo base with a coral leaning orange colour, white sparks, gold flakes, gold holo and iridescent microglitter.
Retail price $12 aud / $11 usd

The launch is set for Wednesday 10am 24 August ACST / Tuesday 8:30pm 23 August EDT / Tuesday 5:30pm 23 August PDT.

All swatches used in this newsletter are thanks to Christine from Cured by Chris (previously Serenity Nails)

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