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December Newsletter

Christmas In The Outback

Christmas is my favourite time of year, even in the searing heat of Australia, so I decided to draw inspiration from my time of living in the Outback. I will also show you the inspiration photos I used for this collection. So let’s get to the polishes.

Sunset On Yule

I will start with my favourite.  My favourite thing of living in the outback was the amazing sunsets in the summer. So we have a  light berry coloured linear holo polish with gold sparks

Party In The Never Never

Who doesn’t love a good party over the festive season. We have a light purple jelly base with silver and pearl flakes with shimmer.

No Snow For Santa

Inspired by the never ending sea of red sand in the outback, it is part of life there and just had to be part of this collection.  A metallic rust coloured polish with some holo magic and violet sparks

Evergreen Eucalypts

You can’t have Christmas in the Outback if you don’t have Eucalyptus trees involved.  We have a cool green holo with a blue overlay.

Billabong Breeze

Nothing better than the cool water of a billabong (if you can find water in the outback) in 40 deg heat. We have a white crelly polish with multi coloured micro glitter and blue shimmer.

Now we can get to the LE’s for December.  I like to make 2 LE’s for this month,  a December LE based on the birthstones for each month, and also a Christmas LE where I was inspired by Christmas Trees.

December LE

My take on the December birthstone, tanzanite. This is a bright sky blue scattered holo with a violet shimmer.  We did go a few shades lighter on the blue colouring so that we didn’t end up with similar LE’s for  2015

Christmas LE

I wanted something fun for the Christmas LE, so I went with the idea of a christmas tree in a bottle.  We have a green jelly based polish filled with a multitude of different shapes and colours of glitter.

All the polishes will be available from both sites at Friday 27 November at 11:30am ACDT (Australia)  / 26 November at 5pm PST (for all international shipping).  Prices will be between $10 – 12 AUD / $9 – 11 USD

These polishes won’t be around for long, so grab them while you can.

Important Announcement

We will NOT be holding a Black Friday or Boxing Day Sale, BUT instead we will be holding a sale early in December before we close for the Christmas break.  Join our Stars group to keep up to date with all the latest news and sneak peaks.  You can also vote on the running theme for next years LE polishes

We will be closed between Friday 18 December 2015 (all outstanding orders will be shipped by Monday 21 December) and Wednesday 6 January 2016.  Stay tuned for information on our January release

All the best for the Festive Season and the New Year.  See you all in 2016